Through our proprietary genomic, plant breeding and metabolic technologies, Verda Bio is creating the next generation of cannabinoid-based products.  Over 100 cannabinoids have been identified within the Cannabis Sativa family, which includes hemp and marijuana. By combining analytical chemistry technology and genomic data, Verda Bio will be able to control for the variability in many cannabis strains and create cannabinoid-based products that consistently meet the needs of both the medical and recreational markets.


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Our breeding program is the cornerstone of everything we do at Verda Bio.  We have produced stabilized cannabis varieties utilizing proprietary genomic, plant breeding and metabolomic technologies.  To create these technologies Verda Bio has sequenced the genomes of cannabis plants and collaborated with leading research institutes.  Early breeding efforts have created hemp varieties that produces consistently high levels of CBD. Our breeding efforts continue to expand into new varieties that will produce different cannabinoids with therapeutic potential.


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At Verda Bio, we are using our proprietary plant library to create products that meet the unmet needs of consumers. We are focused on establishing strategic partnerships to bring to market consumer products and nutraceuticals.

Additionally, Verda Bio was founded by medical marijuana patients who strive to enable easier clinical access for patients. This access can only be enabled by performing clinical research.  Different diseases will require different cannabinoid receptor activation events.  Utilizing our plant library to perform research, we can begin to tailor medicinal cannabis to better meet the needs of patients.